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My name is John J R Grimstone, I am a third generation Australian, and it is a pleasure to share with you the Grimstone History both past and present. I started this research back in 1986, had a break for a few years, and now I am once again hooked, Genealogy gets you that way, however although it is very time consuming, it is also very rewarding.
To-date we have been able to establish, ie confirm that our line of Grimstone ancesters reach back to 1670 into the county of Suffolk of good old mother England. Our research will continue at least until we can establish the link to, Sylvester De Grymeston, who came to England in 1066, since that time the variation on the spelling of the name has changed a number of times, it all depends whether we go by the Oxford Dictionary or the Domesday Book.
Grymeston:....Grymston.....Grimestune.....Grimestona.....Grimeston.....Grimston..... Grimstone.


The origin of the name Grimstone relates to both Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian,{Viking } influences.
This explanation can be found in the Viking Network.

Places names as a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Viking words.These are known as

'Grimston hybrids', because -ton is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning town or village, and Grim is a Viking name, ie first name, The idea that has been put forword is that a Viking took over an Anglo-Saxon place and called it after himself, There are 50 ' Grimston hybrid' names in Yorkshire.


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