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John Frederick Grimstone.

Born in Wellington New Zealand on the 3rd of July 1852, the son of Samuel Edward Grimstone and Charlotte Mary Burrowes, around the age of 15 years, he left New Zealand for Australia and settled in Queensland.

At the age of 24 years, on the 2nd of February 1876 in the Mackay Roman Catholic Chapel he married Emma Elizabeth McDonald, Emma was the daughter of Donald McDonald and Caroline Augusta Stanhope Chubb, John and Emma had seven children all born in Australia, and it is with this couple that we start our Aussie Grimstone Branch.

John and Emma together with their family lived most of their life in Mackay Queensland, for a time he was employed at one of the local sugar factories his profession was listed as Overseer, following this he started up in business as an auctioneer, following a fire in which he lost everything, around 1892 it appears he was destin to follow in his fathers footsteps as he entered the public service, being employed in the Commonwealth Customs Office in Mackay, he is registered as Tidewaiter, then Clerk 5th Class with a salary of 160 pounds per annum together with an allowance and fees of 5 pounds as inspector of diseases in Plants.

John Frederick was an enthusiastic cricketer, and was an ardent supporter of the game for over a quarter of a century, a member of the Mackay Cricket Club, he started playing locally in 1871, and was familiarly known as "Taranaki" on the field.

A member of the Defence Force, and many a tale could he tell of the old Townsville encampments, he also was one of the early promoters of rifle shooting, and was for some years secretary of the Rifle Club.

John Frederick passed away on the 29th of january 1910, his death was contributed to three major factors, Psilosie, Marasmun and Cardiac failure, he was buried in the Mackay Cemetery:

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