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 The McDonald Family


Donald McDonald was the son of Neil McDonald and Elizabeth Campbell, Donald's Grandparents Archibald McDonald and Catharine McMillan were born in the Hebrides,

Donald born 1829; Neil born 1804; Archibald born 1780:

Donald left the Isle of Iona and travelled to Trinidad in the West Indies, for it was here at the age of 24 years that he married Caroline Augusta Stanhope Chubb, the daughter of Edward Chubb and Mary Ann Dunning.

Whilst in Trinidad it is known that Caroline gave birth to at least seven children, all of whom were girls.

Margaret Elizabeth born 1.10.1854. Trinidad. [d14.10.1854]

Mary Margaret born 5.10.1855. Trinidad. [d5.3.1895]

Emma Elizabeth born 18.7.1857. Trinidad. [d14.4.1917]

Caroline Jessie born 25.7.1859. Trinidad. [d1.10.1915]

Anna Neil born 3.1.1862. Trinidad. d26.6.1863]

Agnes Bessie Donaldine born 5.2.1864. Trinidad. [d13.2.1864]

The family left the West Indies and travelled to Australia, there they settled in Queensland, here Donald became involved in the Sugar Industry, first at Cleveland an outer surburb of Brisbane, then at Eaton Vale Maryborough, and later in the Mackay region on a property known as Bonaventures, which is West of Proserpine.

Donald and Caroline increased their family by four more children they were .

Donald Edward Neil born 15.4.1865. West End Brisbane.

John Duncan born 21.6.1867. Cleveland. [d25.6.1867]

Charles Augustis born 13.6.1869. Eaton Vale Maryborough.

Susan Harriett born 10.12.1871. City of Maryborough.

At the age of 66 years, in the year 1895 Donald turned his hands to Dairy farming and Fruit growing at Auchnacroich Farm, which was situated near Mackay, by 1906 Donald had left the Farm to go and live at Mirani with his son Donald Edward and his daughter-in-law Annie, then on the 8th December 1907 Donald passed away, thus ending another generation of McDonald's.

The following notice appeared in the Courer Mail Newspaper the day after his death,

Mr Donald McDonald, who has long been identified with the Sugar Industry, died yesterday, he had managed several Sugar Plantations and subsequently went into the industry himself.