The Burrowes Connection.

Charlotte Mary Burrowes, born in Ireland in the year of 1821, known siblings also born in Ireland , Robert [1815] Martha Mary [1817] Thomas [1819] Rachel [1823] Eliza [1824] Stephen [1825] and John [1828]

Their parents, Stephen Moore Burrowes and Mary Kennedy, were also born in Ireland records show that they were born in Donoughmore Tyrone, they arrived in Sydney on the 26th June 1828, and lived in Surry Hills an inner suburb of Sydney, New South Wales.

In 1839 Mary Burrowes died, she is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery at Botany Bay, Mary was listed as age 46 years at the time of her death, therefore making her birth in the year of 1793.

Charlotte married Samuel Edward Grimstone at Surry Hills, in February 1840, in the same year they went to New Zealand where they took up residency.

Stephen Moore Burrowes re-married on the 4th November 1844, to Sarah Smith whom had been born in Australia in 1822, they had four children, Sarah [b] 1845 NSW; Margaret [b] 1846 NSW; Grace [b] 1849; Letitia [b] 1850 NSW.

Grace Burrowes who was born on the 26th February 1849 and christened on the 11th March 1849, married John Fitzroy on the 28th November 1870.

Stephen Moore Burrowes died at Glebe, on the 6th June 1860.


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