Family History

The Grimstone Families are spread throughout the world, today you will find the name with and without the [e] on the end, however research indicates that they all branch out from the same Trunk of the same Tree, The Grimstone 's


The very earliest records connecting to the family of Grimstone's dates back to 1066, according to the Doomsday Survey, on the 14th of October in the year 1066, the then Duke William of Normandy, invaded and conquered England, with him came Sylvester De Grymeston as his Standard Bearer, Once William became King of England, he granted to his loyal followers the lands of the English nobility, Sylvester was granted land in Holderness Yorkshire, no doubt due to his loyality to William.
Places listed under the variations of Grimston.
There are several Towns and Villages listed under the name Grimston, In the North West of Norfolk in the year 1080, in an area known as Freebridge, the land owner or land holder was listed as Grimestuna,later as Grimston, and in the year 1553, the same location was listed as Grimstone.

Also in the year 1231 there was a place named Hanging Grimston, which means, situated on a slope, Archaeological remains found there, were designated, Grimston Ware, according to Piggott's book on Neolithic Cultures iv 114, 1954, fine carinated long bowls typifies from Hanging Grimston may conveniently be called, Grimston Ware.

The District of Suffolk is situated on the Eastern coast of England, this is the area from where my ancestral grandparents came from.

The first on record was Robert Grimston, here in 1421 he married the daughter of Sir Anthony Spellman, and they settled in Ipswich. Still in the Suffolk area, the Towns of Lowstroft and Rishangles we find that the families of Grimstone's were there right up till the 19th century.

Australia. & New Zealand.

Under the Southern Cross.

 We combind these two countries because it is from these that the Grimstone's of our generation can be traced back to the Suffolk District of England.

Samuel Edward Grimstone son of Samuel who was born in Lowstroft Suffolk, he arrived in Australia in 1838, here he married a Charlotte Burrowes in Sydney in 1840, and in the same year he and Charlotte sailed to New Zealand, in 1862 we find Samuel Edward back in Australia.

Isle of Iona; Isle of Mull, Scotland; Trinidad.

McDonald, McMillan & Campbell

These families have been traced back to the Hebrides, their link with the Grimstone family starts in Australia.



The family of Burrowes have been traced back to Donoughmore in Tyrone, Ireland where Charlotte Burrowes father, Stephen Moores Burrowes was born in the year 1799. another Australia link.

Hungary. Denmark.

Kantor & Knudsen.

The name Kantor, can be traced back to the year 1100 in Germany, our research links us to Eileen Kantor's Grandparents, who were of Hungarian and Danish nationality, they immigrated from Germany to Queensland in 1878.

Isle of Man

Campbell &Quilliam.

Another Australian connection, Elizabeth Campbell born on the Isle of Man, her family has been traced back to 1848.


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