The History on the name of Kantor has been traced back to Germany, however Andreas Franz Kantor, my greatgrandfather on my mothers side was born in Austria in October 1848, then on the 4th of February 1876 in Randus Denmark he married Christina Knudsen of Alborg county ( Jutland Denmark) records show that they had ten children, the first born was Maria Lousia, she was born in Alberg Denmark on the 1st October 1877.

They obtained a work permit which enabled them to emigrate to Australia, (ref Copenhagen Police Records of Emigration 1868-1903) their emigration/work contract number was 1607 T, and it was dated 15th June 1878, their place of residence was listed as Aalborg, Denmark, and the type of employment listed Andreas as labourer. The family left Europe via the Port of Hamburg, aboard the ship Friedeburg on the 22nd June 1878 and arrived in Brisbane on the 16th October 1878.

The remaining nine children were all born in Australia, and are as listed below.

Augusta Eva [b] 1879; Francis Joseph 28th September 1880; Joseph Stephen [b] 1883; Merious William [b] 23rd of November 1885; Andrew Patrick Jockman [b] 9th August 1887; Annie [b] 8th October 1889; Maud Alice [b] 5th June 1893; Alma Veronia [b] 26th February 1895 & Frederick Rudolph [b] 28th of April 1898.

Andreas Franz Kantor passed away in 1920, and was buried on the 28th of July 1919 at the Toowong Cemetery, together with his wife Christina who passed away in 1924, she was buried on the 25th of April 1924, (loc at portion 7A-section 129)

Maria Louise Kantor married a George Turnbull, they had nine children,


Joseph Stephen was born in Kate Street Sandgate, he married Alice Louise Thake on the 10th December 1910, records show that they had six children, Joseph Andreas [b] 1911; William Frederick [b] 1913; Eileen Laura [b] 1915; Alma [b] 1917; Alice Josephine [b] 1922; Edna May [b] 1925:

Eileen Laura Kantor, born in Brisbane Qld on the 9th January 1915, to parents Joseph Stephen Kantor and Alice Louise Thake, grew up in the Fortitude Valley area of Brisbane, schooling was at All Hallow's convent, here she had thoughts of becoming a Nun , however she met and married Austin Reginald Lancelot Grimstone in Brisbane in the year 1935.