William Michael Grimstone
Bill, as he has always be known to go by, even his parents called him Bill was born in Brisbane on the 15th day of May in the year of 1941, he was the last child born into the family of Austin Grimstone and Eileen Kantor.

His education was at St Pastels, a catholic school situated at Wavell Heights which is an inner suburb of Brisbane, following this Bill entered the building construction Ind as a tradesman Bricklayer, his ambitions grew and this led to him setting up his own Bricklaying Company.

 In the year of 1960, Bill married Shirley Ann Fitzgerald, they raised a family of 8 children, all of whom grew into adulthood, eventually they became the proud Grandparents of many Grandchildren.

In October 1998 Bill lost his partner in life, when his wife Shirley lost her battle with cancer.

In 1979 Bill joined Lions International, an organization dedicated to helping those less fortunate than one's self, here he aspired to President on more than one occusion.

Bill past away on the 11th of August 2017.at the age of 76.